Pre-production for the comedic short, Got This!, has officially begun!

The production staff met for the first time this past Sunday. The group members traveled from three different states and included Saturday Afternoon veterans and some new faces as well. The discussion topics ranged from the tone and style of the film to each person’s goals for the production. Without a doubt, everyone is excited for this collaboration.

The crew currently includes:

  • Susan Barry – Co-writer, Director
  • Laurie Norton – Assistant Director
  • John M. White – Director of Photography
  • Maya Shumar – Production Designer
  • Ethan Cadoff – Co-writer, Co-producer
  • Jennifer Frankhouser – 2nd Assistant Director, Choreographer
  • Nichole L. Knight – Blogmaster, Social Media Coordinator

Take a look at some photos from the afternoon.

John, Laurie and Maya at Got This production meeting

John, Laurie, and Maya

John at Got This production meeting

John weighs in on the look of the film.

Ethan at Got This production meeting

Ethan shares his thoughts.

Jenn and Susan Got This production meeting

Jenn and Susan go over some final details.

Laurie and Maya Got This production meeting

Laurie regales Maya with a story after the meeting.

Check back frequently for updates on the production process. We’ll help you get to know the production staff, meet the cast, and explore what happens behind the scenes. Plus, we’ll document our interactions with the New Hope and Doylestown communities and provide updates on how to get involved. And stay tuned for information about the Got This! rough cut screening in May.

Be sure to reserve your spot for the Behind the Screen Kickoff Event at the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA on Sunday, March 8. There will be a live script reading followed by a fun filmmaking workshop.

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