Thanks so much to everyone who attended last week’s Behind the Screen kickoff event at the Michener Art Museum. The enthusiastic cast and crew of GOT THIS! delivered a successful workshop.

Ethan, Susan Laurie

Ethan and Susan, Saturday Afternoon co-founders and the writing/producing team of GOT THIS!, welcome everyone Assistant director Laurie has an important role

Audience members saw the cast read through the script.

Laurie Sets the Scene

Laurie Sets the Scene

Reagan, Emily, and John in a scene from GOT THIS

Reagan, Emily, and John act out a scene from GOT THIS!

Next, Susan delivered some notes on directing, and John, the director of photography (DP), taught everyone about shot composition.

John, the director of photography, teaches the audience about shot composition.

John quizzes an audience member about a scene

Next the audience saw a demonstration of one scene shot two different ways.

John and Susan set the scene

John and Susan set the scene

Emily and John demonstrate a scene from Got This

Emily and John demonstrate a scene from GOT THIS!

Susan and John

The director and the DP must see eye to eye

The afternoon ended with a fun question and answer session featuring the principle cast and crew.

The principle cast and crew answer questions from the audience.

Ethan talks about the process of writing a script

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GOT THIS! goes into production later this month! Stay tuned.