EMILY PANTALONE will play Hope in Saturday Afternoon’s upcoming short, GOT THIS! A recently certified yoga instructor, Emily loves learning about anatomy. She enjoys reading and dancing, and warms up before scenes by rapping Eminem songs.

The Pittsburgh native currently resides in Brooklyn, but is extremely excited to return to her Pennsylvanian roots for this project. She’s also thrilled so many cast and crew members are PA natives, despite their questionable allegiance to the Eagles.

Pennsylvania has a small but dedicated, sophisticated artistic community. I love that I have the chance to go back to my home state and do work there.

Emily’s favorite part of acting is the way it pushes her to understand people better. For her, empathy is of the utmost importance when tackling a character. So empathizing with Hope in GOT THIS! should be very rewarding.

In between acting and teaching yoga, it’s hard to imagine Emily finds much spare time. When she does, she may be found nurturing her love/hate relationship with YA (Young Adult) novels. She’s also an avid tv fan with far too many favorites to list. But The Daily Show, Modern Family, Orange is the New Black, and Parks and Rec make the cut. Her favorite thespians include Meryl Streep, Claire Danes, Kate Winslet, and (Sir) Ian McKellen.

Emily is a fan of Saturday Afternoon’s small footprint style of filmmaking. She is very excited that the Bucks County community will play such an important role in GOT THIS!

Emily Pantalone

Emily Pantalone

I love that we’re going to be working with people from the community where we’re filming. Storytelling is all about community!

Be sure to learn about Emily’s costar here. You can join them and the rest of the cast and crew at Sunday’s “Behind the Screen” kickoff event. Tickets available now.