At Saturday Afternoon we thrive on creative collaboration and have envisioned a variety of projects and platforms to encourage it. Currently we’re developing an exciting new Single Shot series. Stay tuned for details.

A recent collaboratory effort was our inaugural Triptych project.

A Triptych Project

Three films

Three filmmakers

One shared theme: beginning

The word “triptych” comes from ancient Greek and means three-fold. In the Middle Ages the triptych form – three images hinged together – became the standard for altar paintings, which conveyed deeply resonant stories in a time when the average person could not read. Now, in the 21st century, when we are overloaded with information and there are millions of stories to be told, we offer to you our reimagined Triptych.

Three artists – each with a unique voice – accepted our challenge to create a short film telling a story of beginning. Three remarkably distinctive works have emerged, each sounding its own notes, moving in its own rhythms, and articulating its own vision of a fundamental human experience.

Sitting IMDb   Facebook

Writer/director Laurie Norton:

“A while back I saw a film (which shall remain nameless) that included what I thought were token and superficial scenes of a person attempting to meditate: The character sits in a beautiful ashram … continue reading

Fade In IMDb   Facebook

Writer/director Shane Dewalt:

“A white screen. A flashing cursor. A beginning. That, of course, is where I found myself as I launched into writing this film: at a beginning with an infinite number of routes to travel. And it was … continue reading

No, No, You First IMDb   Facebook

Writer/director John M. White:

“I once (maybe twice) tried online dating and this film is a juxtaposition of all of my frustrations. I’m pretty approachable in the real world, so learning a new set of rules for the online world … continue reading