Learning Space

Today many of us have at our disposal the tools to tell stories with moving pictures, whether sophisticated cameras and editing software, or the phones we carry around in our pockets. Not only are we surrounded by “movies,” we participate in creating them. Saturday Afternoon’s ever evolving Learning Space is focused on thoughtful storytelling – offering a variety of opportunities to explore what makes a good story and how to tell it using the tools available.

  • At Saturday Afternoon we love presenting Script to Screen workshops, offering participants a firsthand look at the filmmaking process. We’ll be presenting a workshop hosted by the Black Bear Film Festival on November 19th, and other new events are in the works! Contact us at saturdayafternoonpictures@gmail.com if you’re interested in hosting such an event.
  • On Got This we were excited to have several terrific interns on our crew. Check out the video at right by Nichole L. Knight, in which our interns share what it was like working on set.