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GOT THIS! Boot Camp Recap

What comes to mind when you hear “Boot Camp?” Lights, camera, action and pie? That’s certainly what it means for the GOT THIS! production team.

Last weekend, Saturday Afternoon regulars and newcomers assembled in Philadelphia for a crash course in how to work on a movie set. As part of SAP’s Learning Space initiative, local college interns will work on the upcoming short as camera assistants, script supervisors, behind the scenes photographers, and more.

SAP veteran director of photography (DP), John M. White conducted a fun workshop and practice shoot. It was a great opportunity for the team to get acquainted, learn the equipment, and get a taste of what will happen on set.

And since the Boot Camp took place on 3.14.15, there was pie! All in all, not a bad way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Look through the photos below:

Gathering Round

Gathering round – Got This! Boot Camp participants

Interns Vivianne, Graham, and Nic

John with interns Vivian, Graham, and Nic

Maddie checks out a lens

Maddie checks out a lens

Sample Shot List

Sample shot list

The very important handoff dance

Very important handoff dance

Putting up the lights

Putting up the lights

John talks shots with Graham

Talking shots with Graham

Pies for Pi Day!

Best part of Boot Camp = Pies for Pi Day!

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GOT THIS! goes into production later this month! Stay tuned.

Behind the Screen - Scene from the film

Behind The Screen Kickoff Recap

Thanks so much to everyone who attended last week’s Behind the Screen kickoff event at the Michener Art Museum. The enthusiastic cast and crew of GOT THIS! delivered a successful workshop.

Ethan, Susan Laurie

Ethan and Susan, Saturday Afternoon co-founders and the writing/producing team of GOT THIS!, welcome everyone Assistant director Laurie has an important role

Audience members saw the cast read through the script.

Laurie Sets the Scene

Laurie Sets the Scene

Reagan, Emily, and John in a scene from GOT THIS

Reagan, Emily, and John act out a scene from GOT THIS!

Next, Susan delivered some notes on directing, and John, the director of photography (DP), taught everyone about shot composition.

John, the director of photography, teaches the audience about shot composition.

John quizzes an audience member about a scene

Next the audience saw a demonstration of one scene shot two different ways.

John and Susan set the scene

John and Susan set the scene

Emily and John demonstrate a scene from Got This

Emily and John demonstrate a scene from GOT THIS!

Susan and John

The director and the DP must see eye to eye

The afternoon ended with a fun question and answer session featuring the principle cast and crew.

The principle cast and crew answer questions from the audience.

Ethan talks about the process of writing a script

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GOT THIS! goes into production later this month! Stay tuned.

Emily Pantalone will play Hope in GOT THIS

GOT THIS Casting News: Introducing Emily Pantalone

EMILY PANTALONE will play Hope in Saturday Afternoon’s upcoming short, GOT THIS! A recently certified yoga instructor, Emily loves learning about anatomy. She enjoys reading and dancing, and warms up before scenes by rapping Eminem songs.

The Pittsburgh native currently resides in Brooklyn, but is extremely excited to return to her Pennsylvanian roots for this project. She’s also thrilled so many cast and crew members are PA natives, despite their questionable allegiance to the Eagles.

Pennsylvania has a small but dedicated, sophisticated artistic community. I love that I have the chance to go back to my home state and do work there.

Emily’s favorite part of acting is the way it pushes her to understand people better. For her, empathy is of the utmost importance when tackling a character. So empathizing with Hope in GOT THIS! should be very rewarding.

In between acting and teaching yoga, it’s hard to imagine Emily finds much spare time. When she does, she may be found nurturing her love/hate relationship with YA (Young Adult) novels. She’s also an avid tv fan with far too many favorites to list. But The Daily Show, Modern Family, Orange is the New Black, and Parks and Rec make the cut. Her favorite thespians include Meryl Streep, Claire Danes, Kate Winslet, and (Sir) Ian McKellen.

Emily is a fan of Saturday Afternoon’s small footprint style of filmmaking. She is very excited that the Bucks County community will play such an important role in GOT THIS!

Emily Pantalone

Emily Pantalone

I love that we’re going to be working with people from the community where we’re filming. Storytelling is all about community!

Be sure to learn about Emily’s costar here. You can join them and the rest of the cast and crew at Sunday’s “Behind the Screen” kickoff event. Tickets available now.


GOT THIS! Casting News: Introducing John Racioppo

Saturday Afternoon Pictures is pleased to introduce one of the stars of GOT THIS!

In the film, JOHN RACIOPPO will play Jack, one half of the couple in search of its missing cat, Bugsy. The Toronto native currently resides in New York City, loves The Lion King, and plays hockey in his spare time. He only fears one thing more than heights, and that’s centipedes. But hopefully he won’t encounter either while filming GOT THIS!

John is really looking forward to the grand comedic moments his character, Jack will face. But he also recognizes that at its heart, the story is about a young couple trying to make their relationship work. “The balancing act between those two elements will be a lot of fun to play around with,” he says. And it will definitely be a lot of fun to watch.

Want to know more about the lifelong Maple Leafs fan? Join John and the rest of the cast at next month’s Behind the Screen event at the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown. Be sure to reserve your tickets today!

John Racioppo will play Jack in <em>Got This!</em>

I think to a certain extent, all art strives to tell stories. Performance, however, may be the only time we actually get to embody those stories.

If you have any questions you want answered at Behind the Screen, send a tweet to @SaturdayPix using the hashtag, #GotThisFilm. In the coming weeks, there will be more announcements on members of the cast and updates about the production process, so check back regularly.


Susan and Jen at Got This preproduction meeting.

And We’re Off: Got This! Prep Begins

Pre-production for the comedic short, Got This!, has officially begun!

The production staff met for the first time this past Sunday. The group members traveled from three different states and included Saturday Afternoon veterans and some new faces as well. The discussion topics ranged from the tone and style of the film to each person’s goals for the production. Without a doubt, everyone is excited for this collaboration.

The crew currently includes:

  • Susan Barry – Co-writer, Director
  • Laurie Norton – Assistant Director
  • John M. White – Director of Photography
  • Maya Shumar – Production Designer
  • Ethan Cadoff – Co-writer, Co-producer
  • Jennifer Frankhouser – 2nd Assistant Director, Choreographer
  • Nichole L. Knight – Blogmaster, Social Media Coordinator

Take a look at some photos from the afternoon.

John, Laurie and Maya at Got This production meeting

John, Laurie, and Maya

John at Got This production meeting

John weighs in on the look of the film.

Ethan at Got This production meeting

Ethan shares his thoughts.

Jenn and Susan Got This production meeting

Jenn and Susan go over some final details.

Laurie and Maya Got This production meeting

Laurie regales Maya with a story after the meeting.

Check back frequently for updates on the production process. We’ll help you get to know the production staff, meet the cast, and explore what happens behind the scenes. Plus, we’ll document our interactions with the New Hope and Doylestown communities and provide updates on how to get involved. And stay tuned for information about the Got This! rough cut screening in May.

Be sure to reserve your spot for the Behind the Screen Kickoff Event at the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA on Sunday, March 8. There will be a live script reading followed by a fun filmmaking workshop.

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